Christian Counsellors

The Canadian College of Christian Counsellor is set in order to provide a covering and governing body for Christian Counsellors in Canada. To provide quality control with a view to protecting the public being served.

Canada Christian College
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The Canadian College of Christian Counsellors is our Accreditation Body that offers credentials to Christian Counsellors who obtained a Master’s of Doctoral level degree.

Accreditation is very important for anyone in the counseling field for maintaining your qualifications, accountability to a governing body with a code of ethics, continuing your education, and for maintaining the highest level of care to those who need our help.

If you are a counsellor who wishes to be accredited, please visit our application page.

Among other things, accreditation with the Canadian College of Christian Counsellors gives you:

  • Certification with a body authorized by an Act of the Legislature of the Government of Ontario
  • A Code of Ethics to support and protect the standards of your profession
  • Continuing Education programs at reduced rates to members
  • Regular Seminars by notable leaders in the Christian Counselling world
  • Listing your practice and specialty on the website
  • Promoting your practice through Ads in Evangelical Christian Magazine; Christian Herald Newspaper; WDCX radio; CTS TV ( broadcast weekly)
  • Referrals from TV call-in centre
  • Referrals from calls to the College for Counsellors in local areas
  • Referrals for specialties and language preference
  • Hot-line for members to the College
  • Political voice to defend Counsellors and our profession

For further information, please call
Dr. Rondo Thomas at (416)391-5000 or (416)505-3058.
Contact by e-mail:

A Personal Word from the President

Canada Christian College has the resources to help you train for the ministry God has called you to. We have graduated over 3,000 successful ministers. Let us help you prepare as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, missionary counsellor, music leader or lay worker. We would love to have you as one of our students in the great experience of learning and in sharing in God's blessing with others. Dr. Charles H. McVety

Canada Christian CollegeSeeks to Impart God’s Powerful Truth to You.

Our world is upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. You hold the power to present the truth and watch the power of God change people. Deuteronomy 32:30 says "one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight". When you deliver the truth it offsets one thousand people's deception. When two of us present the truth it undoes the disinformation of ten thousand.